About Iran
Obtaining VISA
The visa get long enough to obtain, about one month, please contact us
It is necessary that the passport to be valid at least for 6 months after the date return .
The address of the Iranian embassy in London: 16 Prince 's Gate , Knightsbridge, London SW7 1PT , UK.
Tele: +44 20 7937
Website http://london.mfa.gov.ir/
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Money and Exchange:
Local currency is the Rial , 1 Pound is equal to almost 54,000 Rials.
Important: Not Possible to use your credit card in Iran
 , travelers checks are also useless, take Pounds Euros or Dollars in cash (banknotes in good condition) .
Customs and clothing:
The headscarf is compulsory, including foreign women , but the color does not matter . Please respect this measure upon landing in Tehran because its failure could get you into trouble and your travel companions . You will also wear loose clothing such as a coat or a winter jacket in the summer. Generally , you must cover the arms and legs . Makeup is allowed except in the holy places.
Men can not wear shorts or bermudas . They should also cover their arms in certain holy places.
Do not forget to take off your shoes at the entrance of mosques and mausoleums.
Alcohol is strictly prohibited.